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Roof Inspections/Roof Certifications

Are you wanting to see what condition your roof is in? Are you selling or buying a home and need a roof inspection? 

We offer $125 roof inspections that come with a full photo report of your roof.

If any repairs need to be completed to ensure you get the full life of your roof we will provide an estimate along with the report. 

If you decide to have us complete the repairs on your roof, we will waive the $125 inspection fee.

Roof Certifications start at $150

Common Questions

A Home inspector noted many roof issues with the house I am buying, what should I do? 

Call a licensed roofing contractor to verify if the repairs need to be completed. Not all home inspectors are have a background in roofing.

What if I can't afford the necessary repairs needed to ensure my roof is cared for? 

We will provide the best options and information you need to help make the best decision for you.